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6 ways to buy a shower room

Update:24 Sep 2021

In the south, 90% of customers' homes are equipped with shower rooms, while the northern shower rooms are just getting started. The shower room has only a short history of more than 20 years in the Chinese building materials and sanitary ware market. Compared with the bathtub and other sanitary wares, the history is shorter, but its convenient and clean use function has gradually been favored by modern fast-paced urbanites, as consumers In addition to enjoying the perfect experience brought by good products, if there are no complaints due to use obstacles, then this shower room brand is greatly discounted. You must know that shower room products are sanitary wares that are in close contact with the human body. It’s safe, so how to choose a shower room brand when buying a shower room?

First: First, you can check whether this shower room brand has a national certification certificate, whether the product has passed the national standard, and check the 3C certification certificate.

Second: Check whether there is a patent certificate to support the strength technology of the shower room brand.

Third: You can check the official website of the shower room brand to learn more about its products and verify its certificate information.

Fourth: Pay attention to the quality of shower room products, and learn more about the quality of glass, hardware accessories, bottom basins, rubber strips, pulleys, etc.

Fifth: Understand the specific site of the shower room brand and the after-sales service telephone number. Because the shower room is an assembled product, it needs the support of installation technology. If the product has problems after use, after-sales service protection is required.

Sixth: Understand the market reputation of the shower room brand, and the product that has been recognized by consumers should also have a good reputation in the market, with a high reputation and praise.