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Can the bathroom not be equipped with a shower room

Update:11 Jun 2021

In recent years, as the annual sales volume of the shower room industry continues to rise, there are more and more shower room users. The public's understanding of the shower room is no longer limited to advertising slogans or product introductions. The discussion about the pros and cons of the shower room has become more and more heated. So, now the question is, does the shower room have more advantages or disadvantages than advantages?

Controversy one, the price of shower room is high. Compared with traditional bath products, the price of the shower room is relatively high, but if you add up the unit prices of the bathtub, dryer, exhaust fan, and these appliances, the price/performance ratio of the shower room will be reflected.

Controversy two, the shower room takes up a lot of space. In fact, the space occupied by the shower room is more flexible than that of the bathtub. The style and size of the shower room can be determined according to the layout of each bathroom. In addition to occupying too much space, the bathtub is believed to be for every family. , The actual number of uses is relatively small, and the most common problem in using the bathtub is that the overflowing water must be treated after each use.

Controversy three, the shower room is not practical. Many consumers feel that they do not need a shower room, and they will not use it if they are installed, which is very tasteless. As everyone knows, the shower room not only provides a different shower experience, but also allows the bathroom to achieve the effect of separating dry and wet, so that you can really save time and effort!



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