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Correct maintenance methods and precautions

Update:06 Aug 2021

If you want to extend the service life of the shower room glass, in addition to understanding how to clean the shower room glass, you must also understand the maintenance methods of the shower room glass.

Do not use hot water exceeding 100 degrees to flush and clean the glass in the shower room. Hot water at too high a temperature can also damage the glass.

Do not use the following items for cleaning: strong acid and alkaline solvents, chemicals (such as hydrochloric acid), solvents such as acetone thinner, decontamination powder, etc., otherwise it will have adverse effects on the human body and cause some undesirable conditions in the product.

If there are scratches on the shower room glass, you can use 1500# water scrub paper to gently wipe the scratches until the scratches are smooth, and then apply a small amount of toothpaste on a soft cloth to gently wipe, and the scratches can be successfully removed.

Chang Yang Chang Xin. A beautiful and clean shower environment requires us to create it through diligence and care. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the shower room glass can not only increase and extend its service life, but also maintain the firmness of the shower room, saving repair and replacement costs. Therefore, we must pay attention to regular cleaning and maintenance to keep our shower room as clean as new.