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Do you want to install a glass shower room in the bathroom

Update:01 Apr 2021

I believe that when most of my friends are renovating a new house, the most troublesome place may be the decoration of the bathroom, because the bathroom is a very humid place. Many friends may choose to use the shower room in order to separate dry and wet. Install a glass room on one side, so that not only the separation of dry and wet can be done very well, but the overall look will be more beautiful. And the design of the bathroom glass room started from abroad, so many people in the country feel that it is also very fashionable to install a shower glass room in the home. In addition, the glass room does not need to worry about filling the bathroom with water when taking a bath, and the glass room will also have a certain insulation effect, and it will feel very comfortable to take a bath in winter. Therefore, the decoration style of the glass house is also adopted by more and more people. But after a professional friend analyzed it for me, I was so scared that I quickly replaced it.

Although the glass shower room is really good for separating the dry and wet in the bathroom, because it is wrapped by water arrows for a long time, we need to clean the glass room frequently, otherwise it is very easy to breed bacteria, this time not only affects To improve the overall beauty of the glass house, and also have a great impact on our health.

Moreover, the glass room is not ventilated at all during the bathing process, so if the water temperature is relatively high during the bathing process, and the temperature is not circulating, it is very easy to cause the temperature in the glass room to be too high, so that we are bathing Sometimes, it is very easy to cause breathing difficulties. If there are elderly people in the home, it is very dangerous to take a bath in the glass shower room.

Of course, the glass shower room is not suitable for all friends. If you are taller, standing in the shower room will feel very depressing and restrict your movement.

And the glass shower room has a very big hazard. Under the condition of long-term use, the glass is very prone to bursting at high temperatures. In fact, in the daily news, we have more or less heard the news about the explosion of the glass bath room. If this happens to ourselves, it will cause a great personal safety problem. And the price of the glass shower room is generally high in the market, so when we install it, we must carefully consider it, and it will be bad if the gain is not worth the loss.