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Four points of shower room installation inspection complete acceptance

Update:18 Jun 2021

The purpose of the shower room is diverse. It not only brings convenience to people's life, but also saves a lot of space in the bathroom. So how do we choose a good shower room? The following will give you a detailed understanding of the overall shower room selection knowledge!

Check the thickness of the upper track

The shower room track is preferably above 1.1 mm, and the thickness of the shower room must meet the standard. The door frame is not easily deformed. At the same time, check whether the pulley bearing is flexible, whether the door is easy to use and light, whether the frame combination uses stainless steel screws, etc., and if any problems are found, call the shower company to request after-sales service.

View shower room frame

Nowadays, many brands of shower rooms are made of aluminum alloy frames, especially the upper rails, because aluminum-titanium alloy itself has the function of anti-oxidation, which can increase the load-bearing strength of pure aluminum; another advantage of choosing aluminum-titanium alloy is, The surface can be unplated, natural color or brushed and polished to make the appearance more unique.

Shower room chassis shape selection

The shower room is divided into two types: high basin and low basin. The seat with a cylinder is suitable for families with elderly or children, but its disadvantage is that it is relatively troublesome to clean up. In contrast, the low basin is simple and convenient, and the price is relatively low. In addition, consumers should choose a detachable chassis and side panels, which not only facilitates our cleaning, but also prevents the generation of odors.

Check the quality inspection of tempered glass

For us, the quality of tempered glass can be inspected in two ways. First, check whether the shower room has a 3C logo and brand trademark on any corner of the tempered glass, and secondly, check whether the broken tempered glass is granular rather than sharp. shape.