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Glass tempering is the key to the safety of the shower room

Update:09 Jul 2021

Safe shower

Tempered glass is the key to the safety of the shower room. Non-tempered/inferior glass is the real culprit of the shower room glass spontaneous explosion. However, there are many small manufacturers on the market that use semi-tempered glass and hot-curved glass to increase the probability of spontaneous explosion. improve.

For the Yupu shower room, which is positioned as light luxury and pursues quality, safety is the bottom line, not the standard! The shower room is made of the same material as BMW and Mercedes-Benz auto glass and tempered by the most advanced tempering equipment in the world. Effectively prevent bad phenomena such as incomplete tempering, unevenness, and self-explosion, and the safety level reaches the highest IC level to ensure strength and safety.

After tempering, the impact strength and bending performance of the same thickness of glass are 3-5 times that of ordinary glass, and it has better thermal stability. The temperature difference is 3 times that of ordinary glass; when damaged by external force, the fragments will be honeycomb The obtuse-angled broken small particles are not easy to cause harm to the human body.

Ordinary shower room: the number of blasting particles ≤40, sharp corners, uneven surface, and many impurities

National standard: the area of ​​50mm×50mm blasting grains is more than 40 grains, and the corners are obtuse.

Hundreds of refined steel, explosion-proof and anti-wear

High-quality tempered glass still has a spontaneous explosion rate of three per thousand for various reasons. In addition, during transportation, installation, and use, the shower glass may also explode due to external forces, threatening personal safety.

In order to reduce the damage to zero, the laminated glass shower room uses medical grade EVA film between the two layers of tempered glass. The hardness of the glass is 5 times that of tempered glass, and the explosion-proof capability is increased by 9 times. Even after the glass is broken, the glass is still intact. Adhesion, the surface remains clean and smooth, and the fragments will not fall off, so as to avoid harm to people or surrounding objects.

Wonderful brushes give birth to flowers, see art in a bath

Ion crystal glass, using the original Xinyi glass sheet with a thickness of 10mm, in a vacuum environment, environmentally friendly colored inks are used to engrave original artistic graphics on the glass surface, and the patterns are "textured" on the glass surface, presenting an unparalleled picture effect!