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How to choose shower room

Update:18 Feb 2021

Nowadays, many users like to install a shower room in the bathroom, so that we don't get water everywhere when we wash our hair and shower. At the same time, the shower room also has good thermal insulation and windproof, beautiful appearance, so it is deeply loved by the public. In the purchase of shower room, its size is very important, if the size of the shower room is too large or too small, it will lead to the normal installation. How much is the size of the shower room? If you buy the shower room, let's know the size of the shower room!

When you buy it, you need to follow one principle, that is, its size should be in line with our activity space. When we use it, we should not make people feel limited in space and inconvenient to rotate back and forth. Generally speaking, the common size of shower room on the market is 900 * 900 * 1900mm. If you need to install a screen, its standard size and width is about 1000-1600mm. In addition, there are some special-shaped shower rooms, which are generally customized according to the actual size. In principle, they should not appear too crowded.

Shower room purchase skills

1. Glass should be explosion proof

We should pay attention to the quality of the glass when we buy it. It is suggested that we should choose tempered glass or explosion-proof glass instead of ordinary glass, so as to avoid some potential safety hazards. For the purchase of glass, we need to see whether it has 3C certification mark, whether the thickness of glass is appropriate, whether the edge of glass is damaged, whether the chamfering and edging treatment is smooth, etc. For the sake of safety, it is suggested that you can also stick a layer of explosion-proof film on the glass, so that even if there is a failure, the fragments of the glass will only adhere to the film and will not hurt people.

2. Aluminum should be strong

Secondly, we should pay attention to the quality and thickness of aluminum materials. Generally speaking, the thickness of qualified aluminum materials is between 1.2mm-1.5mm, while the thickness of some excellent aluminum materials can reach 2mm. The thickness of poor aluminum materials is only about 0.7mm-1.1mm. This is mostly because manufacturers want to save costs, so they use recycled aluminum materials to make them. Good quality aluminum not only has strict control of material selection, but also has multi-layer processing technology on the surface, firm coating, bright color and no corrosion; while poor quality aluminum has many trachoma, pinholes and lines on the surface, dark color, soft texture and easy deformation.

3. Keep your hands safe

When we go in and out of the shower room, we always use the handle. Although the handle is small, it is easy to be ignored, but its role is still very big. It can facilitate us to open and close the shower room door, so it is easy to use. However, the handle of the shower room should not be too abrupt, especially for the elderly and children at home. It is easy to get hurt when you hit the handle with too sharp edges and corners when taking a bath. It is suggested that you choose the handle with smooth appearance and easy to switch.