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How to install wet and dry separation in shower room

Update:18 Mar 2021

How is the separation of wet and dry in the shower room now achieved? What are the methods and coups? Our daily washing is done in the large space of the bathroom, and the whole bathroom is often wet for some reason. It is troublesome to clean.

A few wooden stripes were installed at the junction of the shower area and the outside as partitions.

The vertically placed wooden stripes not only make the space more layered, but also create a looming visual sense. In this way, the vertical wood stripe design achieves continuous separation, ensuring the original spaciousness of the space. Against the backdrop of the ceramic tiles, the wooden stripes are not abrupt at all, but have a feeling of complementing each other.

The slope can reverse the situation of the entire space. Inclined partitions can partially hide and isolate the bathroom while creating a luxurious beauty. In the design, the curved curve is combined with the sloping roof, and the arc of the sloping partition wall itself can bring more space.

In addition, the partition is also designed for storage, and towels can be hung outside, and the side close to the shower room can provide an additional storage space. To wash in such a bathroom, the shower should have a sense of peace of mind. A large area of ​​brown mosaic is used on the wall, and even the extension of the arc of the shower room is covered by logs. The skirting line is outlined in white. The white wall of the roof and the original retro ceramic tiles on the ground are on this slope. Under the contrast, it seems extremely harmonious.

The waterproof wood is erected on one side inside the shower room.

The refreshing logs and the color in the shower room are harmonized, bringing a different style to the monotonous bathroom, just like an exotic girl dancing there. In such an environment, people will also feel extremely relaxed, as if on vacation. This can not only achieve the effect of separating dry and wet, but also relax the mood.

Glass doors are suitable for every place in the home, but they are used more in kitchens, bathrooms, and balconies.

Glass doors are generally used to divide different functional areas. At the same time, it also uses its simplicity and transparency to magnify the vision of the space, presenting the posture of a semi-open space. The glass door of the bathroom is used to divide the dry and wet areas in the bathroom with a small space. The glass door is the partition method between the shower room and the outside space. At the same time, in the selection of glass doors, you can also choose full-transparent and frosted materials, but the frosted glass doors better ensure the privacy of users.