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Is the shower glass thicker the better

Update:17 Nov 2021

The shower room can separate dry and wet, giving us an independent and comfortable bathing environment. When choosing a shower room, we must look at the quality of its glass, aluminum, pulleys, etc. Many consumers believe that the thicker the glass in the shower room, the better, but this is not the case.

The glass of the shower room is thick, its firmness is naturally strong, but if it is too thick, it will have the opposite effect. The thicker the glass, the poorer its thermal conductivity, and the greater the possibility of self-explosion, because one of the main reasons for the self-explosion of glass is caused by uneven heat dissipation in various places, so from this point, the more explosion-proof glass should be The thinner the better. In addition, it is difficult to fully temper the glass with a thickness of more than 8mm produced by a small-brand shower room factory. As a result, if the glass breaks, it will have a sharp surface, which poses a safety hazard to humans.

The thicker the glass, the heavier the weight, and the greater the pressure on the hinges, which will shorten the service life of the profiles and pulleys, especially in the low-end shower rooms mostly use poor quality pulleys, so the thicker the glass, the more dangerous it is. ! The quality of tempered glass mainly depends on the degree of tempering, whether it is produced by a formal manufacturer, impact resistance, heat resistance, light transmittance, and so on. The thicker the glass, the better is a misunderstanding.

Most of the shower rooms on the market are known as tempered glass. The difference lies in the degree of tempering. Good glass is fully tempered, and almost cannot reach 100% tempering. At present, the glass over 8mm is basically all It is impossible to achieve 100% tempering.

Consumers should pay attention to its 3C certification mark when purchasing. No matter the size of the tempered glass, the 3C certification mark should be affixed on it. From this detail, it can be judged whether it is tempered glass. In addition, you should try your best to choose a formal and professional shower room brand, and carefully check whether there are related information such as the name of the factory, the site, and the certificate. The product quality and construction technology of the formal manufacturer are more secure.