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Quick and practical cleaning method for shower room

Update:13 May 2021

The cleaning problem of the shower room has always been a problem for housewives. Don’t think that it is cleaned when you take a shower. The original brand-new glass will become stained after years of use. How can we clean it better and more effectively? How about maintaining the shower room? A few simple tricks will give you a beautiful shower space.

Bathroom glass cleaning method:
1. Pour a little shampoo into the washbasin, mix it evenly, and dip it with a rag to make the glass door extra clean and bright.

2. Coat the glass door with chalk, grey water or gypsum powder in advance. After the glass is dry, wipe it directly with a dry cloth to remove stains and wipe the glass clean.

3. For the aged dirt accumulated in the corner of the glass door, you can mix it with half cool and half water when cleaning it, put it in a watering can, spray it on the glass, and then gently wipe it off with old newspaper.

4. Occasionally there will be black spots on the glass door, then you can wipe it with a cloth dipped in toothpaste.

5. The use of plastic wrap and a damp cloth sprayed with detergent can also "regenerate" the glass door that is often stained with oil. First, spray the glass door with a cleaning agent, and then paste the plastic wrap to soften the solidified oil stains. After ten minutes, tear off the plastic wrap and wipe with a damp cloth. If there are handwritings on the glass door, you can rub it with a rubber soak in water, and then wipe it with a damp cloth. If there is paint on the glass door, wipe it with cotton dipped in hot vinegar. Wipe the glass with a clean dry cloth dipped in alcohol to make it as bright as crystal.

6. If the bathroom mirror is stained with oil, you can use a rag and take tea to clean it, but don't let the tea seep to the edge or back of the mirror, so as not to damage the coating on the back of the mirror. It can also be wiped with a soft cloth or gauze cloth dipped in some kerosene or wax. Do not wipe it directly with a wet cloth, otherwise the mirror surface will be more blurred. Dirty mirrors can also be wiped with a cloth dipped in pure alcohol or white vinegar against water, or wiped with slices of white radish, and then dried with a dry cloth. Wipe the mirror and frame with a rag dipped in milk to restore clarity and brightness.