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Shower room purchase points to enjoy the pleasure of showering

Update:20 Feb 2021

The shower room refers to a separate shower cubicle, usually in the same room with sanitary ware, and installed in the corner, which can effectively use the home space and is suitable for small apartment rooms. The shower room has rich shapes and bright colors. In addition to the bathing function, it is also a good decoration in itself. Now I will give you a detailed introduction to the strategy of purchasing a shower room.

There are usually three types of shower rooms: integral shower room, customized shower room and multifunctional shower room

The main material of shower room is tempered glass. Ordinary glass, too thin or poor quality toughened glass is easy to explode. The authentic tempered glass has faint patterns. The thickness should be 6-10mm, and the glass has CCC logo and Tempered Glass logo. Authentic tempered glass will temper the 3C certification mark into the glass, and choose glass with 3C mark printed or pasted carefully.

Shower room purchase points 2 The frame of the shower room is aluminum alloy, and the surface is sprayed with plastic, which is not corroded or rusty. Generally, the thickness of more than 5mm is not easy to deform, and it is easy to cause glass cracking and explosion.

There are two ways to open the shower room. The sliding rails of sliding doors are easy to accumulate dirt or fall into hard objects and are difficult to clean, which will make the door open and close and cause damage. It is best to use a sliding door.

Four points for purchasing shower room. The overall shower room has two types: high basin and low basin. Seated with a cylinder. Suitable for families with elderly or children. One tank has multiple uses, but it is difficult to clean. Simple basin and low price.

Five points for purchasing a shower room. The ball bearing should be flexible to make the opening and closing of the door easy and light. The frame combination should use stainless steel screws. The joints between the glass and the glass, and the glass and the wall should have breakpoints at the hinges. The sealing strips between the glass doors should be magnetic to prevent water retention.