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The anti-static shower room with a new posture of the shower room is available

Update:09 Sep 2021

In the dry and windy autumn and winter seasons, people often encounter this phenomenon: when undressing to sleep at night, crackling noises are often heard in the dark, and accompanied by blue light. When meeting and shaking hands, as soon as the finger touches the other person, you will suddenly feel the tingling pain of your fingertips. When I wake up and comb my hair in the morning, my hair will often "float" and become messy. When I reach out to open the door, turn on the faucet, or the doors and windows, there are often "pops, pops, pops", and there is a feeling of "electric shock". This is the static electricity that occurs in the human body.

Static electricity is an excess or insufficient static charge generated on the surface of an object. It is a kind of energy and exists on the surface of an object. Static electricity is not static electricity, it is electricity that temporarily stays somewhere in the macroscopic view. The generation of static electricity in the human body is mainly caused by the movement of human limbs, including the friction, contact, separation, electrostatic induction, or direct contact of the human body with clothes, footwear and other objects.

Nowadays, many people live in high-rise buildings. The human body absorbs and accumulates the static charge generated by various household appliances, chemical fiber clothing and plastic wool. Therefore, the human body is more susceptible to static electricity interference. In addition, indoor walls and floors are mostly insulators. Eliminate the static electricity on the body, so that the static voltage on and around the human body can be as high as hundreds of volts, thousands of volts or even tens of thousands of volts. If you take off your clothes in winter, there will be crackling noises. At this time, the static electricity has reached tens of thousands or tens of thousands. Million volts. The human body has accumulated excessively high electrostatic voltage for a long time. Once a current flows through the human body, a discharge phenomenon will occur. There is often a feeling of electric shock. In severe cases, it will burn the skin. Static electricity is also harmful to pregnant women, children, the human heart, and the brain. The most serious harm is the ignition and explosion of combustible materials caused by static discharge.

When showering in autumn and winter, reaching out to pull the door handle of the shower room, especially the metal handle, is prone to "electric shock". Under this background environment, Dengyu took the lead in researching and developing black technology-anti-static shower room in the industry. Dengyu upgrades and optimizes the shower room technology and transforms the process link with strong power generation. Key components such as handles are made of new polymer materials with less electrification or insulation. The antistatic inorganic polymer resin composite material is made by mixing the conductive polymer monomer and the bulk resin and then polymerizing to make the antistatic composite material, so that the material has antistatic properties. Dengyu’s new process technology can inhibit the accumulation of charge on key components, quickly, safely and effectively eliminate the static charge that has been generated, thereby effectively playing an anti-static effect.

Of course, if your home has not installed an anti-static shower room, you can also increase the humidity of the bathroom to prevent static electricity. The common way to increase the air humidity is to spray water mist into the air. Generally, a rotary fan sprayer is used to blow in from outside the wall. When the relative humidity of the air is above 65-70%, a very thin water film is often formed on the surface of the object. The water film can dissolve the carbon dioxide in the air, so that the surface resistivity is greatly reduced, the static charge is not easy to accumulate, and it is not easy to generate static electricity.