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The installation direction of the shower room is exquisite

Update:15 Jul 2021

Bathroom doors are not suitable for hedge doors, and should be staggered with other doors in the house.

Avoid bright red bathroom doors

Because the door is where the air enters, from an environmental and psychological point of view, when people enter the house, they will find that the bathroom door is indecent, with sound and smell, which is unsightly and impolite, and has an impact on the health of the family , Is not conducive to the family. And the bathroom door should not face the kitchen. The five main ingredients in the bathroom are water, which is where phlegm is expected. The five elements of a kitchen stove are fire. Nature is completely different. Water and fire are incompatible.

Avoid irregularly shaped shower rooms

The choice of bathroom facilities is relatively special. Generally, the shape of the bathroom is rectangular or rectangular, and the arc shower room and rectangular shower room are acceptable and relatively common. It is worth noting that triangles or irregular shapes should not be used, so the overall layout is more depressing. The prerequisite for installing the bathtub is that it cannot be too large, and it must be practical. Whether it is a bathtub or a shower room, this is a problem that must be carefully considered before buying.

The shower room should not be located in the middle of the house

The center of the house is relatively spacious and cannot be used as a decontamination space such as toilets and kitchens. When the bathroom is in the center of the house, the moisture and suffocation in the shower room will be dispersed to other rooms in the house, which can easily lead to diseases and is extremely detrimental to health. If the bathroom is already in the middle of the house, it is recommended to redecorate it.