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The shower room should be chosen like this

Update:23 Apr 2021

There are many types of shower rooms on the market, and you are dazzled. How to choose a shower room that suits you? The following editor will give you a popular science about the common shower room varieties on the market. You can avoid detours when you buy it.

A-shaped shower room

All the glass is in the same horizontal direction, and it is combined with the three walls of the bathroom to form an enclosed shower space. The flat-shaped shower room is also called the screen-shaped shower room. It is simple and affordable. The bathroom width is narrow. The flat-shaped shower room just occupies a wall or is in the corner. It does not need a chassis. Just add a water retaining strip. It is affordable and economical. Extremely high.

Warm reminder: The three sides of the in-line shower room are composed of ceramic tile walls, which is more convenient to clean.

Fan-shaped shower room

The corner position is used to form an independent bathing space, which is suitable for hard-covered small bathroom, especially for families with elderly people. The arc shape will not be bumped, and the safety is better. For consumers in small rooms, the fan-shaped shower room is very practical and saves space. It has a good thermal insulation effect in winter and makes people feel warmer.

Reminder: Compared with the square shower room, it is more difficult to calculate the area of ​​the curved shower room. If you plan to install the curved shower room, you must consult a professional for the area.

Diamond shaped shower room

The corner position is used to form an independent bathroom space, which is also suitable for small hard-covered bathrooms. In addition to making full use of the corners, it can also leave enough external area channels.

Reminder: Due to structural limitations, the diamond-shaped shower room can only be used with side-mounted doors, and sliding doors cannot be used. When installing, you need to reserve room for opening the door.

Square shower room

When the bathroom is relatively large, you can consider using a square shower room, which usually consists of two adjacent walls or a single wall and glass combined to form a square shower space. Most of them consist of a screen and a fixed fan.

Reminder: The square shower room is square and square, which is easier to take care of in daily life than other shower rooms.

T-shaped shower room

The T-shape actually puts a piece of glass in the general shower room to divide the shower room into two. One side is usually used as a shower area, and the other side is used to arrange toilets or other sanitary equipment.

Reminder: The toilet area and shower area of ​​the T-shaped shower room have clear functional partitions and are more convenient to use.