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What are the precautions for shower room installation

Update:25 Aug 2021

The smallest shower room currently available on the market (about 1 meter by 1 meter) only requires a bathroom of 4 to 5 square meters. The installation of a double shower room (about 1.5 meters by 1.5 meters) requires a bathroom of about 10 square meters. The height of the room cannot be lower than 2.2 meters. Consumers should not only pay attention to the area and height of the room when purchasing, but also pay attention to measuring and planning before the basic decoration.

The installation of the curved shower room is mainly divided into the following steps:

1. Install the bottom basin parts of the shower tray according to the instructions, then place the bottom basin in the installation position, and then adjust the bottom basin to a horizontal position. During the installation process, ensure that there is no water in the bottom basin, the hose can be retracted, and the bottom The link between the basin and the floor drain is firm.

2. After the base is installed, you need to add water to test whether the water pipe is unblocked, and then use a pencil to drill holes in the aluminum drilling position against the wall. After punching the hole, knock in an appropriate amount of rubber particles on the side of the hole, and then use screws to fix the aluminum strip on the wall.

3. After installing the aluminum plate, clamp the glass to the place where the bottom basin is drilled, then install the fixing seat, and connect the top pipe. Then use the elbow sleeve to fix the top of the glass firmly.

4. After installing the glass, it is necessary to prepare for the concealed rotation of the movable door. For the hardware of the movable door, the hinge shall be concealed in the hole reserved for the fixed door, and then adjust the position of the hinge and the axis, this position So far as it feels comfortable when closing the door.

5. According to the instructions, install the suction strip or water-retaining tape on the glass, and then seal the joints of the aluminum, wall, glass and bottom basin with silica gel.

6. That's all for the installation of the bathroom shower room. The last step is also the most critical step, which is to confirm the various parts of the previous installation, confirm whether the shower room is firm and whether the hinge installation is convenient and easy to use, and then follow the installation process In the garbage, and the remaining dirt is removed.

Warm reminder: If you plan to use the shower room, you must determine the model before the water and electricity transformation, and then reserve the water and water positions required by the shower room, and the power supply should be reserved, and the moisture-proof problem, waterway and circuit should be considered. The design should also consider the issue of future maintenance.