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What are the tips for preventing spontaneous explosion in the shower room

Update:25 Nov 2021

At present, the dry and wet separation design has become the mainstream design concept of the bathroom. This design method can better ensure the sanitary condition of the bathroom, maintain a clean, comfortable and bright environment at all times, and greatly enhance our experience when using it. Although this design method is more practical, it is difficult for small apartments to separate dry and wet, because this design will inevitably occupy a lot of space and the basic area of ​​the house is not enough. There is not much space to set up partitions at all.

Many families will make a shower room in the corner of the bathroom and divide this area as a wet area. Of course, this approach is also possible. It can ensure the separation of dry and wet to the greatest extent, and it also helps to save area, which is very suitable Small apartment use. Most families use glass shower rooms. The shower area made of it is the best material for the shower area.

Have you ever experienced such a sudden explosion in the shower room during the bathing process, which may not bring you life-threatening, but it will also panic, disrupt your mood, and affect your normal life. Based on this, some owners would not choose a bathroom made of glass. In fact, there is no need to waste food because of choking. As long as we pay attention to our daily use, we can still avoid self-destruction.

1. Tempered glass

When we install the wet and dry toilet shower room, we must strictly select materials, and try to choose high-quality tempered glass. Compared with ordinary tempered glass, it can withstand a larger temperature range, and its durability and strength are slightly better. First, it can reduce the occurrence of spontaneous explosions. Even if this happens very unfortunately, after the tempered glass explodes, it will not break into large pieces, basically broken into some particles or directly foam. It will not affect the normal life of people at all, and of course it will not affect the human body. Injury, the safety factor is higher. When we choose toughened glass, we must choose the safety-certified products produced by major manufacturers, so that we can guarantee the protection effect to the greatest extent and ensure our safety.

2. Explosion-proof membrane

According to scientific evidence, no matter how good the quality of tempered glass is, there will be a certain probability of self-explosion. This is a defect in its craftsmanship, and it cannot be remedied at present. In order to be more secure, after installing the rectangular shower room, we can paste a layer of explosion-proof film on the surface of the bathroom. In this way, even if it explodes, the debris will not splash around, but directly stick to the explosion-proof film. Cause any damage to our body.

Note: We should keep our eyes open when choosing explosion-proof membranes, and choose safety certified ones, so that the protection effect is better, and our safety factor is also higher.

3. Precautions in daily use

The biggest reason for spontaneous explosion is that the uneven heating area results in excessive temperature difference, destroying the overall structure and causing spontaneous explosion. Based on this situation, we must pay attention to the temperature difference during use. Like in winter, the temperature of the bathroom is relatively low. We can preheat it first, turn on the heating bath for a few minutes, and wait until the temperature rises. For use, this method can effectively reduce the probability of self-detonation. In addition, for the tempered glass we purchased, it is recommended to plan the size in advance when installing the bathroom, and do not modify it after one molding. Because tempered glass is always a fixed size when it leaves the factory, it is easy to damage the overall structure if it is repaired according to the actual situation in the later period. If it is cut at will, the risk of self-explosion will be greatly increased.

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