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What is the safest glass in the shower room

Update:26 Sep 2021

The glass material of the shower room has always been a topic of concern to us, and the glass of the shower room is directly related to the safety of our bathing. So what kind of glass material is safe? Is it really safe for Echigo?

If there is no external force, the glass in the shower room will hardly be broken. Most of the cracks are due to wheel skating deformation or obstruction by foreign matter in the track, as well as ex-situ fragmentation caused by pushing and pulling. Ordinary toughened glass does not have an explosion-proof film, and it will be broken directly under a sudden heavy blow. After the explosion-proof film glass is broken, it can effectively adhere to the fragments to prevent splashing and reduce casualties as much as possible. If the glass breaks, it is not because the thickness is not enough, but the quality of the glass is not good enough.

The hardware fittings of the shower room are best to use 304 stainless steel, which has sufficient bearing capacity and is not easy to be oxidized and deformed. When buying a shower room, pay attention to the thickness of the glass. It is best to stick an explosion-proof film to ensure safety. How to choose glass see the following:

1. The permeability of glass, whether there are impurities, bubbles, or impurity, will cause the hardness and strength of the glass to decrease.

2. Whether the glass has 3c certification. 3c certification is the abbreviation of China Compulsory Product Certification. You must look for its 3c certification mark. The 3c certification mark on it can determine whether it is tempered glass.

3. Look at the tempered glass fragment model. The safety of the national standard tempered glass should reach 40 or more per 50*50mm.

In the decoration of the shower room, the choice of glass thickness should be based on the actual measured size to consider the installation of suitable shower room glass. Shower room glass has always been a popular product in bathroom, and it is a relaxation room for people to go home after taking a bath. There are many types of shower room glass. Transparent glass and frosted glass are often used. The bathroom decoration can show a simple and translucent effect. I hope the above knowledge will help everyone!