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What is the method of cleaning the shower room

Update:15 Apr 2021

stainless steel

Using imported SUS304 stainless steel raw materials, the surface is finely ground 10K mirror steel, which is strong and wear-resistant, non-oxidizing, non-electroplating, non-deformation, non-rusting, and has passed the corrosion-resistant smoke test above level 12.

Hardware Parts

Hardware is an important load-bearing component of the shower room. In order to ensure its quality, high-quality shower room manufacturers have strict requirements for it. High-quality hardware must undergo grinding, polishing, and other processes.

Hardware material: uniquely developed 304 stainless steel casting hinges, pull rods and handles, the surface of stainless steel hardware only needs to be polished to show its stainless steel color, and it will always maintain silver gloss and never rust. The hardness and toughness of stainless steel are more than 2 times higher than that of copper. It does not grow rust, corrosion, or deform. It has passed the 96-hour destructive salt spray test and high-strength weight bearing capacity test.


The pulley is an important factor related to the service life of the shower room. Pulleys need to be classified according to specifications and undergo a flexibility test and tens of thousands of push-pull tests before they can be sold.

Adhesive strips

The adhesive strip is related to the sealability of the shower room. High-quality shower room manufacturers co-extrude PVC rubber pellets and magnetic strips in an extruder to form an integrated soft and hard co-extrusion. Its sealing performance is three times that of ordinary rubber strips.


The stone foundation of a good shower room is completed through 14 processes including weighing, mixing, injection molding, and demoulding.

Three, test

Glass test

Carry out impact test and steel ball impact test on tempered glass in shower room.

Yali shower room professional testing laboratory

Hardware test

The hardware used in the shower room is made of 304 stainless steel, which must be strictly tested for 96 hours of corrosion resistance and hardware load-bearing test.

Pulley test: Pulleys need to be tested for flexibility and tens of thousands of push and pull tests.

Room body test

The housing body has undergone 150,000 push-pull tests day and night. The hardware does not deform, the accessories do not fall off, and the glass does not sag. The housing body is intact and can be used normally.

Assembly and delivery

All components that pass the strict inspection of multiple processes are assembled and shipped. If there are any defects, it is strictly forbidden to leave the factory.