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Why is the shower room mandatory

Update:26 Mar 2021

With the improvement of people’s living standards, showers are no longer just the most basic requirements for cleaning functions, but there are more demands. Coupled with today’s fast-paced life and the emergence of various diseases, people need hygienic and convenient showers. The shower room is favored by people because of its functions such as separation of dry and wet, physical fitness, and warmth.

1. Dry and wet separation function

Home decoration is becoming more and more luxurious and noble. The application of a large number of solid wood doors, wooden floors, and wardrobes requires the toilet to be divided into dry and wet areas, and showers are completed in the wet area. So the biggest function of the shower room is waterproof.

2. Fitness function

In modern commercial competition society, people often need to stimulate their body functions to release work pressure through multi-functional bathing alternately after intensive work, such as alternating hot and cold stimulation, intermittent high-speed impact of water flow and alleviating alternate shower stimulation, dry steaming and warm shower Alternate stimulation to achieve the expansion and contraction of capillaries, strengthen the body, and eliminate fatigue.

3. The function of keeping warm

Due to the wide application of natural gas or gas water heaters, the toilet must be well ventilated. The shower room can effectively block cold air. The hot steam forms a package on the human body during bathing, thereby keeping warm. In the shower, the body is surrounded by the shower room, and the ventilation of the toilet will not be scraped from the body. If a 500-1000W Yuba heating lamp is installed in the shower room of each bathroom, we can keep warm in the shower, which will make the shower more comfortable and pleasant.

4. Decoration function

A large and beautiful shower room can make the style of the entire bathroom more coordinated, play a good decorative role, and highlight the owner's personality and extraordinary taste.