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How to prevent shower room explosion

Update:12 Nov 2021

1. Raise the water temperature quickly to effectively reduce the probability of explosion.

The interior of the shower room is a closed space. The accumulation of high temperature and high pressure to a certain extent will cause pressure on the glass screen, which will cause uneven heating of the glass and more likely to cause the tempered glass to explode. Therefore, it is recommended not to suddenly use hot water that is too hot when taking a bath.

2. Avoid collision, open slowly and close slowly.

The strength of tempered glass is relatively high, but the characteristic of tempered glass is that it is more afraid of sharp things than ordinary glass. If it is subjected to a strong collision, it may cause an overall burst.

3. Use laminated glass to eradicate the risk of glass explosion.

Laminated glass is also called laminated glass. It is a strong PVB film sandwiched between two or more pieces of glass. Because the film in the middle layer is tough and has strong adhesion, it is not easy to penetrate after being damaged by impact, and the fragments will not fall off. The adhesive film is tightly bonded together, and the safety is very high. Traditional laminated glass has been widely used in automobile windows, anti-theft doors and windows, bank doors and windows and other fields because of its good safety.

Although the shower room has a glass explosion rate of only three thousandths, each of us uses the shower room every day. As long as we pay a little attention to these three points, most of the dangers in the shower room can be avoided.