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You can customize your shower room in just 4 steps

Update:03 Nov 2021

In today's era, many automobile, home furnishings, and clothing brands have successively launched more popular customized menus. People can choose products that suit them according to their own needs. They are also full of personality and relatively competitive in price! Consumers even hope that brands can tailor their products around their own personal ideas, and the same is true for shower rooms. Because of its simple and beautiful appearance, the shower room has become the first choice for modern people to decorate the bathroom. With the development of the industry, there are more and more shower room brands appearing on the market, and the types are also varied. So as ordinary consumers, how should we customize the shower room that really suits us?

1. Judge the suitable shower room appearance

There are many types of shower rooms, but because the space of each bathroom is different, we need to determine the suitable shower room appearance according to the space of our bathroom. Small size bathroom space is limited, you can consider using diamond shower room, while the strip shower room is suitable for the in-line shower room. If you are not sure about this judgment, you might as well ask a professional shower room company to design it.

2. Clarify the size of the shower room

The appearance of the integrated bathroom and the selected shower room is determined according to the size of the available space. The size of the shower room that needs to be purchased. In order to avoid errors in the purchase process, you can also refer to the physical store of the Kaili shower room for reference. size of.

3. Determine the shower room to buy

Even if the model and size of the shower room have been determined, the type needs to be determined. The shower room is mainly divided into simple shower room and overall shower room. Generally speaking, ordinary families choose simple shower room, which occupies a small area and is installed. Convenient, it can also realize the separation of dry and wet, but the use function is slightly less than the overall shower room. No matter what kind of shower room you choose, the most important thing is to choose quality-assured materials and accessories. Focus on the glass, aluminum, pulley, connecting wall and wall clamp adjustment function of the shower room, the stability of the tie rod, and the water tightness of the shower room.

4. On-site installation and other after-sales service

During the renovation of the bathroom, remember to keep the location of the water inlet and outlet of the shower room, and the installation of the shower room needs to be carried out after the wall and floor construction of the bathroom is completed. If there is no need to install the bottom basin, then You need to provide your own water-retaining marble edge banding.