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The details of shower room hardware accessories that can not be ignored

Update:13 Oct 2021

The hardware fittings of the shower room may seem small and inconspicuous, but they are very important. It plays a big role in the decoration of the shower room. When buying a shower room, be sure to check whether the hardware accessories allocated to the shower room by the shower room accessory manufacturer are complete.


The hardware fittings of shower room are generally made of 59# copper and 304 stainless steel. 59# copper has good hardness and flexibility, and strong bearing capacity. Although the cost is high, it can guarantee the performance and service life of the shower room. There will be no black spots, blistering or delamination on the surface after long-term use. 304 stainless steel is the best among stainless steel materials. It is processed into a mirror effect and has a strong metallic texture.


Second is glass. Whether the glass will crack or not depends on the quality of the frame. Good stainless steel can withstand 10mm, 12mm thick tempered glass. A good aluminum alloy can be used to hold 8mm thick glass. In terms of glass selection, automotive-grade glass has superior toughness, and the surface is very transparent, without particles or pores.

Retaining stone

There are two kinds of water retaining stones, man-made and natural. Natural stone is not too high. It is suitable for bathrooms that have already been paved with floor tiles. Artificial stone is formed at one time and has no seams, so it is not easy to keep debris, but it is relatively high and suitable for rough decoration.


Most shower rooms have problems in the later stages of use, usually caused by pulleys. Many pulleys are not as simple as they seem, generally 204 stainless steel pulleys are used, followed by copper materials. For alloy materials, it is relatively easy to rust, and it is easy to fall off after a long time. The quality of the pulleys is not difficult to distinguish. You only need to try to push and pull when you buy. The stainless steel push and pull are very smooth, and the relatively poor pulleys are more difficult to move and require a lot of effort.