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What to protect the safety of shower room glass

Update:25 Jun 2021

The first thing to pay attention to when buying a shower room is the glass safety of the shower room. The glass produced by some illegal manufacturers cannot meet the requirements of the shower room in terms of shockproof, heat insulation and moisture resistance. Therefore, consumers must pay attention to the composition of the glass when buying. What the hell is it.

Of course, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to judge the quality of glass with their own common sense, because some manufacturers use mixed glass instead of inferior glass, but tempered glass is the most suitable glass for shower rooms. Due to the outstanding impact and vibration resistance of this kind of glass, even if the glass formed by the broken glass slag does not produce edges, it will not cause damage to human skin.

However, because tempered glass is larger in cost and process than ordinary glass, some inferior manufacturers mix some impurities into tempered glass, or the production process does not meet the standard at all. The tempered glass produced is not high or the tempering position is uneven, and some of the inferior tempered glass is in use. These inferior tempered glass exploded at high temperature, causing harm to the personal safety of consumers.

So, how can we buy a shower room that makes people feel at ease? In fact, as long as the products are produced by a regular brand sanitary ware company and have product certification, they can avoid buying fake and inferior products, so consumers should not If you are greedy for a while, you should go to a formal shower room flagship store to buy such important bathroom products.

The second is the hardware accessories of the shower room, mainly the corrosion resistance of the accessories. Some low-quality hardware accessories will rust after a few months of use. Only high-purity stainless steel or aluminum alloy materials have long-term corrosion resistance. In addition, the touch of low-quality hardware can make people feel very uncomfortable.